Friday, December 11, 2009

Cautiously excited with BFP!

Yeahhhh, well later on I tried a frer and got a BFP, so I am very causiously excited. We arent telling anyone really yet, except bloggers and fertility friend girls, as we are still worried that things could go bad. I went for beta on Wednesday, which was either 11 or 13 dpo, and the result came back 45.9. My RE said that was low, and now I need to go again for another beta to check and see if it is doubling or not, and won't know the results until Monday.

Fingers crossed that things will go good this time, and that baby will have my blood and have a much higher chance at surviving.



  1. Congratulations!! Praying for a very sticky bean!!

  2. I'm praying too! I just stumbled across your blog and reading the posts made my heart race. We TTC for 3 years before my daughter was born. I call them my carpet scratching days - for the days I laid on the carpet in tears.

    Some mornings I wake up and wonder if finally getting a BFP was a dream and I need to check in with my ClearBlue monitor again. When I hear my daughter crying, it is the sweetest sound.

    I pray you are 9 months away from knowing exactly what I mean. I would never choose to be infertile. Yet I savor the extra sweetness it brings to being a Mommy.

  3. Thank you so much ladies, we are hoping that 3rd times the charm and this one sticks, so far i feel a lot better this round then i did with the last miscarriage, so i am hoping that is a good sign.

  4. Congrats! I hope the third time is the charm too!