Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AF Should be here

Well, wonderful Aunt Flow should be here tomorrow. I am on CD 28, and 14 dpo with nothing but BIG FAT NEGATIVES. So now instead of starting another cycle tomorrow like I should be, I still have to take these progesterone pills for 2 more nights, and then wait 2-3 days for Aunt Flow to come knocking at my door step. 4-5 more days, are you kidding me? All it is, is 4-5 more days that will remind me that I am one again NOT PREGNANT.

The worse part is, I will sill get up and test every one of those mornings just to make sure since you can never fully give up hope until Aunt Flow does arrive, and because the fertility doctor told me that I should be testing now just to be sure of things, which will mean 4-5 more days of probably crying and being upset, wondering WHY we can't seem to get pregnant, and what we MUST be doing wrong to not be getting pregnant. I have never cried so much my whole life as what I do each time AF arrives...the joys of TTC and infertility.


  1. you would think after 8 years you would be to the point where you don't cry anymore...but it never get's easier. GL with testing this month!

  2. Sorry hun. Hoping for a nice BFP surprise for you! :)

  3. Thanks ladies, I sill kee hoping for tat BF, but aready being 15 dpo, I am doubting it will happen...but that tiny bitof hope is still hanging on there. Baby dust to all