Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Been a while

CD 11 now, the past couple weeks have been filled with craziness, so the first 1 1/2 weeks have flown by.

First hubby and I went back home to Ontario and hit a huge buck on the way, which they now value the damage done to the car at around $5000 and are debating if they are going to fix it or write it off. Then I got a call I really wish I wouldn't have gotten...my best friends mom passed away from a massive heart attack, so I turned around, made the 5 hours trip back home to be with her for a few days. We went camping for a weekend and got rained on right until we had to pack up to leave. Go figure!!! We did have a good time though, and I met some great people who are friends of my sister-in-law and my hubby. But then after camping and we came home, we got the news that my hubby's 2 uncles who have been in the hospital for a while now both took a turn for the worse. One passed away last night, and we think the other will still have a while here before he passes away, though I guess you never really know what will happen.

So ya, it's been crazy and really busy and the days/evenings we do have some free time, it is cold and raining out so we sit and do nothing and try to relax a bit. Hopefully with keeping busy, I won't obsess over TTC and maybe this month will go by a bit faster and even better would be to get a BFP at the end of my cycle. FX that this is our month.

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