Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fertil Focus

Hmm, well as of right now, I am a little unsure about the Fertile Focus Ovulation Monitor. I am not making up my mind yet of course, I will give it a fair chance first.

Yesterday I had horrid ovulation pains, to the point where I hurt to walk, sit, lay down, bend over...anything and everything. Them to top it off, my boobs started to hurt too, which I never get unless it is close to wonderful period time again. A friend on Fertility Friend told me I should go do a opk test just to see...which I posted yesterday and was positive. I did have slight temp rise today, but it is much too soon to know if it will stay elevated or not, so if I was to sit back and look at all the signs, I would say I was ovulating, or about to. However, when i did the Fertile Focus test yesterday morning, I only had a tiny bit of ferning pattern, and I tested again last night, and it was completely negative. What the heck??? I didn't think it was that hard of a test, put a bit of saliva on the little microscope, let it dry then look at it. But I would think if I was ovulating or about to, I should see a full ferning pattern by now. Am I doing it wrong or something?


  1. I have the MOM mini...and I have to say, It worked the first month as far as ferning and all...then it stopped working and i didnt see any...well i was reading a post on cafemom in one of the ttc forums...and I figured out what i was doing wrong....the first month I used it i was collecting saliva from under my toungue after that i had been collecting from my tongue stupid did I feel lol. not that that is what you are

  2. Hehehe, I tried both from under my tongue and ver it (had to try) and still getting nothing for results, thought maybe i was putting too much or too little saliva on it, but i tried varriations of i dont know, maybe it is not a good ite to use, or maybe it only works for so many days before ovulation day then goes back to no or partial ferning right after ovulation...i am not sure. I wasn't testing earlier since i never expected to ovulate so early. I'll try one more month before i give up on it, and I was sooo hoping not to have to buy opk sticks anymore lol

  3. Hi Dawn,

    You asked on my blog what ICLW was, here is a link to the site.

    It's a great way to meet more bloggers!

    If you need more help on the three columns, let me know. There's a great site to help with that. It's a big tedious.