Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Fat Evap Lines

So, as per doctors orders, I tested today. I love having the excuse of having doctors orders to test now...well to a point, but at least it gives me a excuse to feed my pee-on-a-stick addiction. I told myself I wasn't going to test today so I could avoid the disappointment all over again, but gave in. Not paying attention as I reached into my box of goodies and tests, I grabbed a stick to pee on and did the test, and to my disbelief, 2 lines appeared. Not a dark and a light little faint line, but 2 blaring dark ones. I was in shock and over joyed, and then seen green. Well wait a minute now, what I had here was a ovulation test, not a pregnancy test. My heart sank.

I then remembered that someone once told me that you could use a ovulation test to test for pregnancy if your hcg level was high enough, so I thought maybe, just maybe I should try a pregnancy test now. I used a cheapie, and NOTHING. Not really a surprise of shock though. A couple hours later I happened to leave the test on the counter an looked again...a little line...could it be? Could I be getting a late +hpt??? So, I took another test, this time I used a good one. BIG FAT NEGATIVE!!!! Stupid evap lines. I guess it is all in a days work of being a TTC'er.


  1. Argh that sucks. Sorry hun. I've used an OPK too before AF is due. For 3 days straight I got blazing positive OPK lines but no hint of a line on a HPT. ((HUGS))

  2. :( i'm sorry, If it makes you feel any better i got a BFP on a dollar test just to get my AF the next day and a BFN
    you've been nominated, details in my blog

  3. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. That absolutely sucks.