Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's OPK

So, I am only on cd 11 today but having nasty ovulation pains most of the day. Usually I only get nasty ones nthe day of ovulation,and sometimes some slight little ones before, but never like this! I used my fertil focus monito this morning and it gave me partial ferning pattern. I never dd opk tet because I thouht itwould be a waste....but then i broke down to the peeing on astick urge...or in my case, dipping the stick in the little pee cup. The results.....

So now I don't know, do these look opk+ to you ladies?


  1. That looks pretty positive to me :)

  2. Thanks for checking them out. I am glad I ovulated, just wasnt expecting it to be so early. We never really got any baby dancing in before ovulation like we should be. I guess I was going by my Fertil Focus monitor and still havent gotten full ferning on it...so i dunno, i guess I will have to see what my temp does tomorrow